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JoyBot is a discord bot with features like Disboard bump tracking, getting a random face of a member, hugs and kisses commands, and counting!

I contacted him personally, and he had this to say:

# JoyBot
Hey, i'm JoyBot! I was made by Joyte as a small project, and am currently just maintained and worked on by him! I like long walks on the beach and watching the sunset :)

Some of my features include:
- Disboard bump tracking
- Random face feature
- Hugs and kisses commands
- A command to start a counting channel

If you ever need help, just use the `.help` command, and i'll answer any and all questions you have!
If you've got a more serious problem with me, you can always visit my discord at this link, where you can ask more in depth questions or report that there's something wrong with me.
You can also make suggestions which you'd like added (although keep in mind my creator is just one person and is busy with school and other life-related things)

Hope you enjoy using me!

-- JoyBot <3

If he's managed to convince you, you can invite JoyBot by clicking me!

And if you're worried about privacy, we have a page here detailing what data we use: Just click this link!

Thanks for considering JoyBot!