Thanks for choosing JoyPack! Here's a tutorial on how to install it:

Step One:

We're going to open the vanilla minecraft launcher and make a new profile, with the version 1.12.2. This is to install all the game files we need like the blocks and the items, before we install forge.

Click on the installations button

Click on the 'new' button

Scroll down and click on the version '1.12.2'

Give your new profile a nice name, and click 'Create'!

Now you can click back on the play tab... on the new profile you just made...

...and click play!

Once the version has downloaded, you can press quit immediately.

Congrats! You've just completed step one!

Step Two:

Now we have to install forge 1.12.2! Go to the folder and double click on the forge installer

Then all you have to do is click 'OK'

Now it will automatically install itself! This might take a few minutes, so be tient.

Once it has finished, just click 'OK' and it will close itself.

Now you can reopen the minecraft launcher, and the forge profile should automatically be installed and selected. Go ahead and click play

Let it launch, and then just click quit again.

Now you have to add the mods to forge. While holding the windows key, press R and wait for the run prompt:

Now type in '%appdata%' and click 'OK'!

This should open File Explorer. Somewhere near the top should be the '.minecraft' folder, click on that and search for the 'mods' folder

Now that you have the mods folder open, open the folder called 'mods' in the provided folder

Take all the mod files from the provided folder, and move them into the '.minecraft/mods' folder

Now you can run the modpack using the launcher, and all the mods will be installed!

Have fun!

How to install Hamachi

If you're looking to play with us, or any other friends by just using minecraft's LAN play, then you're in luck! Hamachi is a piece of software which can link computers together, allowing people or friends in different countries to play using LAN!

Step One:

Double click on the hamachi.msi installer, and click through the instructions MAKE SURE NOT TO INSTALL THE ADS! Hamachi pays for itself by including an ad when you install it, make sure that the install checkbox on the ad is unticked!

When it has launched, click the on button and sign up to hamachi!

Now click on join network, and enter the ID and password of the network that you want to join!

Now you should be in the network, good job!

That's the end of the tutorial, good job!